Thursday, 5 November 2015

Everything is Breaking!

Three things are refusing to act as they should, at the moment. All of them make me sad. And all of them will cost / are costing me money.

Broken Thing #1: Smashwords 

Carrie the Limping Lion was meant to be released on Monday, and while you can now buy the ebook directly from Smashwords, Kobo has cancelled all of the pre-orders (NOOO!), and neither Kobo nor Barnes and Noble are selling it. Kobo still lists it as a pre-order; and I've just checked on B&N, and they've completely removed the listing, now. Aaaaaah! Time to look at a different distributor, methinks. (UPDATE: You can now buy 'Carrie the Limping Lion' through my blog, thanks to Payhip!) 

Broken Thing #2: My Piano :(

When I started playing a little while ago, Francois pointed out that the sound was wavering. It improved when we plugged an external amp in (or used headphones), so we assumed it was a finicky connection to the built-in speakers, and we set it up permanently with Francois' small amp.

But yesterday, while practising, it started wavering BADLY. And I could hear it through the headphones, too. And it isn't a gentle waver. It's very, very distracting. Which means getting somebody to try to fix it for me. Which costs money.

So much of sad and tears and NOOOOOOO! :(
I'd MUCH rather buy a new keyboard, with USB out, and new speakers that sound lovely on their own, and optional portability... Like this Yamaha (so pretty!!), or this one. But as you can see if you follow those links, they come with a bit of a price tag. Just thinking about it makes my chest hurt.

Broken Thing #3: The Blender 

I've been seeing this one coming. It's very, very hot today. Again. Candle-melting hot. So I decided to make ice-cold smoothies for breakfast. Now, as you might be able to imagine, the frozen bananas that I use to make the smoothies so cold are kind of hard... And today, my little hand-held blender just couldn't take it any more, and promptly melted.

Insert optional profanities here.
It's so disgustingly warm today, that I was more disappointed about the smoothies not being made properly, than I was about the broken blender! This is something that needs urgent replacement, because I won't be able to survive summer without those smoothies. I'll invest in a tougher machine this time.

Well, many visits to our cool shower are in order until we go shopping. At least that isn't broken! (I hope I didn't just jinx it.)


  1. That sucks about Carrie the Limping Lion. Why did they cancel the pre-orders?
    As for the weather, just eat ice, brah! :P

    1. I think it's because, for some reason, they didn't get the order to release it... Or maybe Smashwords didn't 'ship' the book to them. I don't know. They're also confused, and are taking ages to get back to me...

  2. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! I kinda feel like that at the moment, what with our car and our camera. :-( And I wish I could just give you one of my 3 blenders, but you are toooooo far away!

    1. I think your broken things are a little more detrimental than mine..!
      And thank you for the thoughtful wish. :) But Grammy already gave her big one to me! :D We just need to pick it up from Bergen. :)

  3. Broken Thing 1 - We're getting a copy. One way or another... Let's get Kathryn and mom to go and toi-toi outside their offices!!! They've been practicing for an occasion just like this one...

    Broken Thing 2 - Uncle Greg (the previous owner) has a long history of fixing that piano. Maybe he knows PPR (Piano Pulmonary Resuscitation)

    Broken Thing 3 - Ah dang! Grammy gets the awesome points! (and she's further away than we are - doesn't seem fair)

  4. Everybody! You can finally buy 'Carrie the Limping Lion'. On my blog, even! Check out the side bar. :)