Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I want to throw a book launch party!

For Carrie Lion! (Not that I've written another book to have a party for... Yet.)

I've been thinking about having a book launch party on the day that 'Carrie the Limping Lion' is released, November 2nd. But I've never hosted that kind of party before. I have a few ideas though:

1. I could actually sell my book at the party, by selling bookmarks that give you 100% off through smashwords.

2. Since I want to start funding for printing at roughly the same time, I could have order forms available at the launch.

3. There could be an interview or Q&A session or something...

4. Snacks! Or cooldrinks. Or something.

5. Oh, and I'll do a reading, obviously.

What do you guys think?

It would also be nice to have the party somewhere that links in with the story, but I'm not sure about where I would want to have it... Maybe at a primary school, since it's a kids book? I'd appreciate any suggestions. :P

Help! I need more ideas!

Oh, and it'll be somewhere in Wilderness, George or Hoekwil, since that's where I live... So if you live around here, please come to my party and bring all of your friends! Thank you!


  1. That sounds awesome Caro, I wish I could make it! The primary school idea sounds good, sorry I don't have any suggestions :P

    1. Thanks, Ben! I wish you could make it, too. :)

  2. Very cool Caroline. I'm very excited for you.

  3. Ah damn! I wish we could be there...so exciting!!

    You should definitely do a video or 2...interviews or something similar (the more you have online, the better you rate on search engines etc.).
    We can do one for you at the end of December if you aren't sorted before then...

    1. Maybe I should look into doing a Skype link-up with you guys on the day. :)
      Video interviews are a great idea, thanks!
      And maybe we can do one in December anyway. More is more! :P

    2. Yeah! And we're there in December / January with all of our gear...let's make that hay...