Monday, 12 October 2015

'S' is for Silly

This morning after having tea, while Francois was designing a poster for his mum, I wandered out into the garden to enjoy the sunshine. That's when I noticed that these weed-like flowers were growing particularly abundantly on the lawn.

Very, very abundant flowers.
So ridiculously abundant!
As I stood there, staring at the many, many yellow flowers, I realized that I'd never made a daisy-chain before. Of course, these aren't daisies, but they were plentiful enough to fulfill the same purpose. So I went over to sit in the grass and I got to work.

Francois noticed that I'd been outside for quite a while, and peeked out at me twice, but didn't know what I was doing hunched over in the grass, until I excitedly came over to him, with a very silly smile on my face, and said: "Take a picture of me!" So he did.

First he took this one...
... And then this prettier one.

Plaiting flowers together is actually quite tricky. I had to be careful not to break the stems as I bent them, and they hurt my fingers every now and again because the stems are rather prickly, kind of thistle-ey. But it was worth it! Because pretty!

I posted those pictures up there on facebook, and Ben pointed out that they're dead. Cute, but dead. So when Francois and I decided to do a (very) short hike, I brought my death-chain with me. This is what they looked like before we left:

Look! They're mostly alive!
That's different to mostly dead, by the way.
They were starting to wilt, but still looked pretty. I wrapped them around my wrist, and we headed off in search of a waterfall. It wouldn't be a very difficult search, because we already knew exactly where to find the waterfall.

We crossed streams, and climbed hills, and strolled along pretty paths... And I did all of this with some flowery death around my wrist.

If you would direct your attention to the picture on the right, you'll notice the yellow wreath of death. It's small, I know... But that doesn't make it any less full of death.

During our easy search, I managed to slip on a wobbly rock while crossing the stream. My boot got all filled up with water, which I'm sure you all know isn't particularly pleasant.

Anyway, I'll wrap up this silly post with these three pictures:

We found the waterfall! So 'S' is for Success! 

Notice the much darker left boot...
'S' is for Soaked?

While sitting on a rock, looking at the waterfall and eating peanuts and raisins, my death wreath fell apart... So I decided to give it a water burial.

But these flowers don't sink, and they landed like this.
So 'S' is for Silly!

P. S. Francois took all of the photos that actually look decent. Thank you, Francois! 


  1. "Mostly Alive"...hehe...
    I think a "well done" is due on recycling and sucking the marrow out of that daisy chain...

  2. Replies
    1. And it was so much fun! Silliness is very fun, after all. I like being in such a good mood - it's funny how much happiness such simple things can bring. :)

  3. I loved it Caro! Now I want to make my own wreath of death... So pretty! Thank you for the laughs! :P

    1. You're welcome! :D
      Let me know if you need any tips, and post a picture with it on your head when you're done. I wanna see. :P