Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Sci-fi Story Concept

What you're about to read is an idea for a science fiction story that I came up with quite a while ago. This concept led to some brainstorming with Francois, and we thought about creating a comic called "The Last Apple Tree" together. I ended up being horrible at creating content for him to work from, and it got put on a back-shelf for later... Now that I'm writing more regularly again, I'm going to try my darnedest to churn out some interesting adventures for our sci-fi characters to go on, so watch this space! 

Lizbeth's just a regular human being, and that's her problem - nobody's regular these days.

What's worse? She can remember being better, and every now and then she re-lives it again, when her faulty implant decides to wake up and jump back into action.

Most of the time, when it doesn't work, she can barely do the tasks required for simple physical labour - her normal human physiology isn't fast enough, her normal reactions not quick enough, to work with the machines of today. 

Even worse, she can feel her stupidity. No, not her regular intelligence - her actual stupidity. She fights to learn more every day, she struggles to think better... But after so many years - so many generations - of relying on the implants, human beings (and Lizbeth) have stopped exercising their own brains.

"We've evolved too quickly with technology," she realises, "and we've devolved without even noticing it..."

Lizbeth has heard rumours that a huge electro-magnetic flare will be coming soon. Apparently, there have been safeguards put in place, and nothing will be affected. "That's good," Lizbeth supposes, but she can't help but wish that something would go wrong... Maybe afterwards, she wouldn't feel so alone. Maybe afterwards, she'd be the better one.


  1. I want this graphic novel NOW, please. Can Lizbeth also have weird and wonderful prosthetics everywhere? I want to see that.

  2. Well, in our collaboration, Lizbeth's character has mutated somewhat... She is now a he, and he is now a strange insect-type alien... Who's implant has a personality of its own, which shows up when it works occasionally. :P