Sunday, 29 March 2015

Holiday Plans and Things!

Our tickets are booked! In May, we'll be travelling up to Gauteng to visit the various family members, and to venture with Robin (Francois' brother) to the Drakensberg for a hike up Sentinel Peak.

I can't wait! I've never been to the Drakensberg before, and Francois has told me many things about the beauty of the mountains there, and the intensity of the hike. Yippee! (Yes, I love hiking. Although a less recent discovery than my enjoyment of cycling, this was also a fairly new revelation for me. A younger me would never have believed that I'd like exercising so much.)

Resting in the shade during one of those hikes that I enjoy so much. (Proof!)

Some more specific information for the family and friends who I'd like to see:
  • We arrive in Johannesburg on the 14th of May
  • We leave again on the 30th of May
  • We'll be taking a weekend to do the hike, most likely the 16th and 17th, but maybe the 23rd and 24th. This still needs to be finalised.
  • Most of the time, we'll be staying in Pretoria.

By the way. Our arrival in Joburg will not be by bus. We're flying! For the same price! Thanks to the awesomely affordable new airline, FlySafair, we lowly folk can now afford to travel across the country at a great speed, and no longer have to put up with stinky, crowded, slow-moving buses... If we book far enough in advance, of course. This makes me very, very happy.

So yes, we have some exciting times coming up. I feel very ready for a holiday, and for some contact with certain people that live very far away. This does mean that I need to make extra money before we leave, to make up for the two weeks that I won't be working, but that should be easy enough to do, with my mindset right. 

Look at how perfect it is! Buy it!
To help with the extra monetary needs, we're selling Francois' Wacom Inkling. It's a really cool drawing gadget, but shortly after he purchased it, he bought his drawing tablet, so it's gone unused. Feel free to share the hell out of that gumtree ad, by the way. It'd be great to actually sell it sometime soonish. :P

Well, this update is long enough, I think. Bye for now!

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